Source code for cypresspoint.searchcommand

""" Helper functions for custom Splunk Search Commands

[docs]def ensure_fields(results): """ Ensure that the first result has a placeholder key for *ALL* the fields """ # type: ignore (List[dict]) - > List[dict] # XXX: Make this smarter by only holding a fix number of results before moving on. # E.g. Assume no new fields after n rows with no new fields encountered field_set = set() output = [] for result in results: field_set.update(result.keys()) output.append(result) if output: # Apply *all* fields to the first result; all other rows are left alone # Q: Does this screw up field order? (Not sure it's preserved in any case) output[0] = {k: output[0].get(k, None) for k in field_set} return output